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About Us

Yunaika Abella, our CEO and founder, brings nearly three decades of invaluable experience in the dental field, establishing herself as a trusted and seasoned professional. Her journey encompasses pivotal roles, showcasing unwavering commitment to excellence.

Starting as a dental assistant, she gained hands-on clinical experience, fostering a profound understanding of dental procedures and patient care. Transitioning to a treatment coordinator, Yunaika honed her skills in patient interaction, treatment planning, and effective communication, bridging the gap between clinical aspects and patient needs.

As an office manager, her proficiency steered operational facets, emphasizing efficiency and patient satisfaction. Advancing to Director of Operations, Yunaika showcased her capacity to manage multiple aspects of dental offices, fostering growth and operational excellence. Elevating her trajectory, Yunaika assumed the role of Vice President of Operations, overseeing a portfolio of brand-new offices.

Her comprehensive understanding of the dental industry spans the entire spectrum of practice management, reflecting a dedication to continual learning and adaptability.

Clients can trust Yunaika Abella as a consultant, leveraging her extensive background to provide strategic and tailored solutions. Her track record of success and leadership at every level exemplifies a commitment to ensuring the prosperity of dental practices under her guidance.

With our mission, to partner with dental professionals, offering strategic management solutions to enhance practice performance and elevate patient care. Through expert guidance and innovative systems, we optimize operational efficiency, foster continuous learning, and cultivate a culture of patient-centric care; and following our vision to be the premier dental management consultant firm, empowering dental practices to achieve optimal efficiency, growth, and patient satisfaction; our company is dedicated to guiding new practice owners through business development, insurance negotiation, and training essential for a profitable and fulfilling practice. With a commitment spanning over two decades, we've honed operational models that expedite the timeline to practice profitability, ensuring our clients receive valuable and tested expertise.